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Story so far…

Stammer Foundation was founded in May 2018 by Juliana Imam and other Trustees. She looked at the frustrations she faced as a child, Lawyer and as a woman who stammers. She observed that some of her family members also stammerered and so she was very aware of the challenges people who stammer faced on a daily basis.

In May 2019, she met a young boy in the secondary school who had gone through so many sad and depressing experiences because of

About us

The Stammer Foundation provides information and support to the stammering community, instilling the sense of self-worth so often missing in the lives of people who deal with stammering.

  • Provides information about stammering
  • Supports research into the causes and treatments of stammering
  • Increases public awareness of stammering
  • Supports speech and allied professionals who work with those who stammer
  • Advocates for those who stammer and the needs of the stammering community
  • Is a referral organization for speech therapy resources.

Why we exist – Aims and Objectives

To build the self-esteem, confidence, employability and resoluteness of stammerers through organising seminars to train, counsel, encourage, evaluate, empower, develop, inspire hope, mentor, motivate, heal emotionally, and advocate for people who stammer.

To provide speech therapy scholarships for children and teenagers that stammer (18 and below).

To advocate for the rights, inclusion and entitlements of people who stammer.

To cater for the welfare of people who stammer.

To organize the International Stammering Awareness Day every 22nd of October

To use Stammer TV and other media outlets to celebrate people that stammer.

To train people that stammer in public speaking and communication skills.

To provide helplines to listen and counsel stakeholders in the stammering community ( People who stammer, parents and family members, gurdians, employers, teachers, colleagues etc).

To initiate or contribute to policy formulations for the benefit of people that stammer

To provide mentorship programmes for people that stammer

To raise awareness in the society about the needs of people that stammer, thereby reducing stigmatization and discrimination.

To provide support groups for people that stammer

To facilitate research and provide information to all stakeholders in the stammering community (people that stammer, parents and family members of people that stammer, Guardians, Teachers, Speech Language Therapist, Colleagues of people that stammer, Employers).

Exiciting Moments

Gallery from some events and meet-up

Advisory Board / Trustees


Dr. Shittu Adebayo Esq.

Advisory Board

Dr Omede Idris

Advisory Board

Dr. Afeez Haruna

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Olugbile

Advisory Board

Dr Abulfatai Olaniyan

Advisory Board

Juliana Eremie


Joseph Oboh Esq


Dr. Akpodiete Olotu


Juliana Imam


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Email: Stammerfoundation@gmail.com / info@stammerfoundation.com

Phone: +2348101659515

Office Address: House 49, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja, Nigeria.