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About us…

A non-profit organisation registered in Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO/119742)

The Stammer Foundation provides information and support to the stammering community, instilling the sense of self-worth so often missing in the lives of people who deal with stammering.

  • Provides information about stammering
  • Supports research into the causes and treatments of stammering
  • Increases public awareness of stammering
  • Supports speech and allied professionals who work with those who stammer
  • Advocates for those who stammer and the needs of the stammering community
  • Is a referral organization for speech therapy resources.

Our support groups and meetings provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Practice therapeutic techniques (if they desire) in a safe and supportive environment
  • Engage in speaking experiences they might shy away from in their daily lives
  • Assist others in achieving these goals through mutual aid and support
    Gather with others who stammer and understand each others experiences
  • Share fears, frustrations, and triumphs as they seek to overcome the burden of stammering

Through our programs, events, our goal is to reach out to people who stammer of all ages (both children and adults) in Nigeria and around the world. The Stammer Foundation hopes to sponsor workshops for parents and children designed to educate families and professionals, including speech therapists and preschool teachers, about early diagnosis and effective intervention strategies for children who stammer.

Our workshops for adults who stammer help to educate, motivate, and inspire others, while providing opportunities to explore various aspects of stammering.

The Stammer Foundation plays a vital role in letting people who stammer know that they are not alone.

Join us as we build a global community for the stammering world.

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The following bodies are the official partners of Stammer Foundation

1) Nigerian Bar Association, Abuja Branch.

2) Cashmoore Media

3) Nigeriancompany.com

4) Companywarehouse.com.ng

5) Techboost